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Arogya Bhava – Health Aspect In Hindu Astrology

Arogya Bhava is the health aspect in Hindu astrology. Argogya or health is judged from the lagna bhava (ascendant aspect) and roga or the disease is decided from the sixth bhava. Thus, ultimately, both the bhavas and their relative strengths are used in the determination or the status as well as the judgment of health.

When the Lord of the lagna is in his own navamsa, associated or aspected by an unaffected benefic, it indicates sound health. When the lagna is occupied by its own Lord, the native enjoys sound health; when the lagnesha (Lord of the lagna) is associated with malefic in sixth, eight or twelfth houses, the native will not enjoy normal health. A malefic in lagna and weak lagnesha causes ill health.

A strong build is caused by watery sign in lagnas with benefits free of evil association and aspects. A powerful benefic in the ascendant grants a strong constitution.

If the lagnas amsadhipati is exalted and the Lord of the house is malefic, it indicates a weak body. Lagnesha in Kendra sthana (1, 4, 7, 10) and in weak or inimical signs and in nasta-sthanas (6, 8 and 12) also causes weak health.

Deficiencies and excess salts and metals are caused by malefic planets. Planets in 1, 6, 8 and 12 are also to be taken note of for health and diseases. The connection between planets, rashis, and bhavas with various organs of the body as well as diseases has been laid out clearly in different texts. Predictions are generally based on these specifications.
Acharya Mukund Deva has given some Yogas for improving one’s health. Afflicted Moon in lagna, malefics in Kendra without good aspects, lagnesha and the Lord of the sixth house together in 6, 8, 12 houses or similar combinations for wealth lagnesha, Ravi (sun), and the lords of sixth, eighth and twelfth houses in lagna cause ill health and frequent health troubles.

In recent times, more specific applications of medical astrology have been designed. Planets, houses, rashis and aspects are identified with salts, vitamins, and proteins. The likelihood of a cure and control of disease are judged from dasas (periods) and transits. Mental disturbances and aberrations are associated with the moon.

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