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Quotes From Sri Sri Ramakrishnadever Upadesh

Tears of repentance and tears of joy come out from opposite corners of the eyes: the former from the inner corner and the latter from the outer corner.

Nowadays many preachers are preaching religion. What do you think of them? It is like a man who has food for one person, but he has invited one hundred. After practising a little sadhana, he has started to make money by initiating disciples like a professional guru.

What is real preaching? Real preaching requires that one be absorbed in God before preaching spirituality to others. He who tries to make himself free, preaches well. Hundreds of people from all directions come to one who is free and they ask for instruction. When the flowers bloom, bees come of their own accord.

Let the boat be in the water, but not water in the boat. Let a spiritual aspirant live in the world, but let not worldliness enter inside him.

God laughs twice. When two brothers divide the land, saying, this part is mine and that part is yours, God laughs. He says to Himself, the whole universe belongs to Me, but they say they own this portion or that portion. When the physician says to a patient’s mother, don’t be afraid, mother; I shall certainly cure your boy, God laughs. He says to Himself, I am going to take his life, and this man says he will save it!

When shall I be free? When ‘I’ ceases to be. If ‘I’ wants to remain, let it stay as a servant-I of God.

One who eats radish belches radish; one who eats cucumber belches cucumber. What is inside a person comes out through his or her speech.

Let bad thoughts arise in the mind; they cannot do any harm until you do something wrong.

A man asked Sri Ramakrishna, Please give me knowledge in one sentence. He said, ‘Jagat mithya brahma satya; This world is impermanent and Brahman is real.’

One cannot achieve anything if there is hypocrisy in the heart.

Friend, as long as I live so long do I learn.

God loves simplicity. Call on Him with a simple and pure mind. You will then surely find Him.