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Dreaming Of Green Parrot – Meaning

Dreaming of green parrot is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means happiness, hope and better feature. It also suggests acceptance and honor. Dreams of green parrot talking to you means desire fulfillment. You will get to hear good news. It also means you finding out a secret about others.

Dreaming of a pair of green parrots (male and female) is an indication of a new relationship or early marriage. It also means you will make some positive and life changing decisions in near future.

Seeing dream of lot of green parrots flying means there will be happy occasion in life or get together. It also means spending time in nature and getting away from stress and tension.

Dreaming of green parrots eating means you will get costly gifts or you will be invited to participate in some event which you had always dreamed about.

Dreaming of dead green parrots means injury or accident to family members. You will soon hear a news related to death of someone.

A dream to have a meaning it should happen naturally. If the dream is because of some event during the day then it has no importance and meaning.