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Dreaming Of Yellow Ribbon – Meaning

Dreaming of yellow ribbon is a bad sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream is a sign of tragedy or crisis. It also means mourning or participating in a march to find missing people. The dream is asking you to mentally prepare for a crisis. Dreams of yellow ribbon and there is no one else in the dream means personal tragedy or a family member gone missing.

Dream of yellow ribbon and you see other people in the dream means being part of a protest. It also means large number of people perishing in an accident.

Dreaming of yellow ribbon and there are so many of them means empathy or sorrow. It is a sign that there will no peace in near future. It is associated with natural calamity or manmade problems.

Dreams of running with yellow ribbon means solution to a problem. It also means gifting people something they like.

Dream of someone handing you yellow ribbon means people caring for you.