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Dreaming Of Lint – Meaning

Dreaming of lint is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means bad investments or spending money of fake or cheap products. It also a warning sign and you should do a through quality check before buying any cloth products. Dreams of lint also means you will face problems due to clogging. It also means not doing timely clean and maintenance will result in waste of time, money and energy.

Dreams of white lint and you cleaning it up means doing some work you hate to do. It is a warning sign about some upcoming trouble especially related to machines.

Dreams of colorful lint is associated with damage especially to clothes.

Dreaming of dirty lint and you are struggling to remove it means witnessing weird things. It also means doing a dirty work. It also means your bathroom getting clogged in near future.

Dreams of lint and you are seen happy means playing prank on people. It also means someone you hate will suffer and you will witness it.