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What Does It Mean To Cross River In Dream?

To cross a river in dream is a positive sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will face resistance in life but if you have the courage and willpower then you can overcome them. It also means people will object to your ideas or relationship and you will have to face resistance.

To cross a river in dream and it is taking place in a strange world means imaginary problems. You will prefer fantasy instead of reality.

Dream of crossing a river in a known place means sudden problems in life. You will have to find new ways to overcome it.

Dreaming of crossing river in an unknown place means trouble during journeys. It also means accidents or you will have to survive alone in an unknown place.

Dreaming of crossing a river and you are happy means you will face challenges boldly and overcome it.

Dream of crossing flowing river and you are sacred or crying means failure and lack of courage in testing times.