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Dreaming Of Lion Cubs – Meaning

Dreaming of lion cubs is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means surprise, success and happiness. It also means desire fulfillment and doing something that is not part of your routine. Dreams of lion cubs and you see it with its mother or in its habitat means opportunity to travel and visit forested areas. It also means sudden transfer or getting job in a remote location.

Dreams of lion cubs and you are seen tired means getting into some kind of situation you have no knowledge about. It also means taking up a responsibility purely on cuteness without thinking about the consequences.

Dreaming of lion cubs and you are seen running around means new person in life. It also means childbirth in the family.

Dreaming of lion cubs attacking you is a warning sign that people might try to cheat you by acting innocent. It also means you need to think before you act.

Dream of lion cubs and you wake up happy means a period of happiness and stress-free life. It also means you will soon make the correct choices. It also means giving up something that was polluting your life.