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Bimala Devi Navratri Bhog – Food Offerings At Vimala Devi Temple Inside Puri Jagannath Temple Complex

The temple dedicated to Goddess Bimala Devi is located in the south-western corner of the inner enclosure of Puri Jagannath Temple complex. Special Navratri Bhog or food offerings are made at the Vimala Devi temple during Sharadiya Navratri (September – October). Goddess Bimala Devi is an Adi Shakti Peetah and the feet of Goddess Sati is believed to have fell at the place.

During Navratri special bhog or food offerings are made at the shrine of Vimala Devi. During rest of the days of a year the food that is offered to Bhagavan Jagannath is offered to Bimala Devi.

Goddess Bimala Devi takes her ferocious form during Saptami, Ashtami and Navami days of Navratri (seventh, eighth and ninth). She is pacified with meat and fish during these three days. Fish from the sacred Markanda tank is offered to the Goddess as part of tantric rituals.

Many of the practices and offerings that take place during Navratri are shrouded in secrecy. It was believed that a male goat was sacrificed during the early hours of Ashtami or Navami but many devotees say there was no such practice.

All tantric pujas at Goddess Vimala Devi temple are held at midnight and are completed before the first puja of the day at the main sanctum sanctorum or Sri Mandira at Puri Jagannath Temple. All special Navratri pujas should be completed before Jagannath wakes up.