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Ummitta Gulikan Theyyam – Story – Information

Ummitta Gulikan theyyam is a rare theyyam and is performed in few sacred places, kavu, tharavadu and temples in Kannur and Kasaragod region of Kerala during the annual thira theyyam and kaliyattam festival. As per information, Ummitta Gulikan does the job of Yama, the Hindu god of death. Ummittagulikan Theyyam story is that of Shiva rescuing Young Markandeya Rishi from the clutches of Yama. In the process, Shiva opens his third eye and burns down Yama into ashes. It is believed that the theyyam shows antics like a mad person.

With no death, there was total chaos in the universe. Saints and Devas approached Shiva for a solution, Shiva then produced a divine being by pressing down his left thumb on the ground. This divine being was given the role of Yama and he came to be known as Gulikan. Shiva gave Gulikan a trishul (rident) and kalapasham (rope of death).

It is believed that there are 12 different forms of Gulikan and Ummitta Gulikan is one among them.

The deity is worshipped to overcome fear of death and for early cure of incurable diseases. He is also propitiated to defeat enemies and to achieve success in competition.