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Nature Of A Person Who Has Achieved Self Realization

‘The nature of person who has achieved self realization’ is an excerpt from Atma Vidya Vilasa of Swami Sadasiva Brahmendra

The wonderful king of ascetics sports in the inner apartments of the upanishads with the lovely courtesans in the form of his own consciousness from which the notions of difference have departed.

Having ascended to the mansion of Realty through the broad path of detachment well illuminated by the powerful lamp of knowledge, the great ascetic enjoys with the damsel in the form of liberation.

The knower of the self wears a garland of lotuses in the form of places unfrequented by people, is adorned by the wish-yielding creeper in the form of detachment towards women, and consumes the pill of nectar in the form of dishonour (by the ignorant). (The idea is that he stays only in deserted places, is not at all attracted by sensual pleasures and welcomes dishonour rather than honour).

The sage does not reject anything on the ground that it is harmful, nor does he accept anything on the ground that it is favourable. Knowing that everything is the product of ignorance, he is indifferent. (He is completely free from notions of likes and dislikes, of what is favourable and what is not).

His mind does not dwell on anything that has happened in the past, nor does he think about the future. He does not see even the things in front of him, considering everything as the same (Brahman).

The great ascetic moves about, with all organs under control, devoid of desire for all sense-objects, and having attained the summit of supreme satisfaction.

The great sage stays alone, calm in mind, enjoying his internal bliss, not rejecting anything that comes, nor desiring anything that he has not got.

Having attained a pure indescribable state of bliss, consciousness and wakefulness, the ascetic moves about alone, at will, free from all bonds.

The king among those who have become free from all attachments shines, not dependent on any one, with his mind merged in the Reality in which all worldly activities have been sublated.

The ascetic of the highest order shines, having realized his identity with the infinite Consciousness by the side-glance of his Guru, and having become free from all notions of difference.

Going beyond the shackles of varna and ashrama, and beyond such limitations as fate, etc., the great ascetic remains as pure bliss and consciousness.

Having brought to an end all action, and having exhausted his praarabdha, freed from association with the body, the enlightened person becomes Brahman itself.

There is only the indescribable pure existence, calm, without beginning or end, ever a mass of bliss and consciousness, immutable, primordial, and non-dual.

There is the supreme Reality that is imperishable, un-decaying, unborn, extremely subtle, absolutely pure consciousness, free from all misery.

There is that indescribable Reality which is supremely blissful, immortal, not distant, the very essence, the shore of the ocean of transmigratory existence, homogeneous, free from fear, and infinite.

The indescribable Reality shines eternally. It has no taste, or smell or form. It is beyond the three gunas - sattva, rajas and tamas. It is incomparable (because there is no other to be compared with) and beyond all fear.