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Dreaming Of Different Levels – Meaning

Dreaming of different levels is both positive and negative sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means sudden and unexpected change of fortune. Everything that was going upwards in green might suddenly go downwards and turn red. It also means being too dependent on various invisible forces. Dreams of different levels and you wake up happy means you will achieve success and there will progress. But majority of the gains will be short term.

Dream of different levels and you see them constantly fluctuating means lot of activities in near future. You will have no control over certain happenings.

Dreaming of different levels and you are unable to recognize them or they are fading away means you will waste your time unwanted work. It also means giving too much importance to trivial matters.

Dreams of different levels and you have them seen before means repeat of an old problem. It also means a perplexing question haunting you. It also means you inability to solve a problem.