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Story - How Ravana Was Defeated By King Bali In Patal Lok

Bali, also known as Mahabali, was pushed down to the netherworld or Patala. He ruled the underworld and his fame one day reached Ravana. An arrogant Ravana went to the Patal Lok to challenge King Bali. The story of how Ravana got defeated by King Bali in Patala is found in the Lanka Kanda of the Ramacharitamanasa of Tulsidas. The story is narrated by Angad, who went to Lanka as the messenger of Bhagavan Sri Ram, to avert the war. A haughty Ravana was reminded by Angada as to how he was defeated in Patal Lok. Ravana reached patala to defeat and conquer Mahabali. But children in the palace captured Ravana and tied him up along with the horses in the stable. The children teased and made sport of him. They thrashed him and kicked him. Finally, King Bali took pity on the demon king and released him. Apart from this episode, Ravana was also defeated by Lord Shiva, King Vali (brother of Sugriva) and by Sahastrabahu Arjuna. Finally, Ravana was annihilated by Bhagavan

Adoring God As Lover Or Spouse In Hinduism

Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma - way of life) is the only religion in the world that gives freedom to the devotee to see god as lover, wife or husband. Love of god is known as bhakti and it is attained with the consciousness of God as our true being. The feeling for god, felt through contemplation, as servant, as parent, as friend, as beloved or spouse increases God consciousness in the devotee. A devotee can consider god as husband or wife. Majority of the followers of these tradition believe that there is only one male (Purusha) in the world and he is Sri Krishna. All others, whether men or women, are his women companions (prakriti). The absolute merger of prakriti with purusha is the final goal in this tradition. The devotion of Mirabai is a classic example of seeing God as spouse. She looked upon Sri Krishna as a husband (jake sira mora-mukuta mero pati soi). She renounced everything for him. Another glorious example is that of Radha, who loved Sri Krishna as her lover,

Best Way to Overcome Fear - Hindu Religion Tips - Have Faith In Oneself Or God

People are afraid all the time. The reason and object of fear keep changing but the basic fear remains as it is. So how do we overcome fear? The best way to overcome fear is to have faith in our capabilities or unwavering devotion to God. Remember the story of young boy Nachiketa from Katha Upanishad who deliberately went for a meeting with Yama, the god of death. Nachiketa overcome fear through knowledge...he had faith in himself and therefore fearlessly approached Yama for a dialogue on the secrets of life. Fear steals peace, happiness, and progress from life. It installs anger, hatred, intolerance, frustration, and sadness. When we are under the control of fear, we become anxious, nervous and tense. This means our mind and intellect is clouded. We are not able to think properly and make good decisions. This means there is no happiness and progress in life. An important reason for fear is distrust. Fear develops and envelops us when we have been betrayed, injured or ab