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Story – Yaksha Blessing Impotent Man With Potency In Tantra

The story of Yaksha blessing impotent man with potency is found in the 6th Taranga of Navama Lambaka of Kathasaritsagara. This story shows that Yaksha fulfilled the wishes of humans and acquired the wrath of higher beings.

In the city of Surpur there lived a king named Surasen. He had a very beautiful daughter named Vidyadhari. When king Surasen came to know that Prabhakar, the son of king Vimal, was equally handsome he wished to give his daughter to him in marriage.

When king Vimal came to know about this he sent a messenger to king Surasen and asked for the hand of his beautiful daughter for his son.

The marriage ritual was completed with pomp and show.

Vidyadhari, the bride, reached the kingdom of her husband. On the first night, she saw Prabhakar disinterested in sex. She was immensely surprised. She tested him and found him to be impotent.

Vidyadhari spent the night in distress and in the morning sent a letter to her father and accused him of giving her in marriage to an impotent man.

On reading the letter from his daughter, king Surasen thought that king Vimal had deceived him. He flew into rage and sent a message to king Vimal that to avenge the deceit he was going to kill him and capture his kingdom.

A worried king Vimal convened the meeting of his counselors. One of the ministers, Pingadatta told him that he knew the mantra and rituals of appeasing a Yaksha named Sthulashira. One being pleased the Yaksha fulfils the wishes of his devotee. The king should learn the mantra and the rituals and when the Yaksha would manifest before him he should ask him for male procreative organ. The king followed his advice and asked the Yaksha for male organ for his son.

After receiving it prince Prabhakar attained full manhood but now the Yaksha became impotent.

When Vidyadhari enjoyed the company of her now potent husband she wrote back to her father and thus the king and the kingdom was saved.

Yakshas were controlled by Bhairava form of Shiva. He became angry and cursed the Yaksha that he will be impotent forever and Prabhakar would attain full manhood for life.