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Four Face Rudraksha Mantra – Benefits

The mantra dedicated to Four Face Rudraksha helps in improving intelligence and studies. The prayer is be chanted while wearing the four face rudraksha and also daily while offering prayers. You should hold the Four Face Rudraksha and then chant the mantra.

Char Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra in Hindi 

ॐ व्रां क्राम ताम हां ई। 

Benefits Of Four Face Rudraksha 

  1. The Rudraksha is good for students. It helps them with their studies.
  2. The four face Rudraksha is also ideal of people who are attending interview and competitive exams. 
  3. It helps in improving memory power.
  4. Good for singers as it improves speech and sound.
  5. Mental tensions are removed.
  6. Redemption of sin associated with killing of animals or other living beings.
  7. Spiritual insights and divine knowledge.
  8. It is used by some people to attain divine powers.