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If You Really Wish To Help A Person, Then First Consider The Person

The problem with all advisors – including elders, parents, friends, relatives, teachers, neighbors, acquaintances – is that they never consider the situation in which you are. They just give advice for the sake of giving advice and majority of the time they do not have the grasp of the problem and neither do they have a solution. They find a person in a problem and immediately they start giving advice.

This same problem we see with many saints learned people and enlightened persons. They talk wise things but from their point of view. They are not aware that the person to whom they are talking to has not reached their level of understanding. They have to come down from the summit they have reached and they need to lead the people to the summit.

Majority of them do not have the patience to do it. Therefore, they talk sitting on the summit about the advantage of the position they are in. They are actually teasing the poor souls who are down the hill and do not know the way to reach the top and enjoy the view from there.

A truly enlightened person is one who is ready to leave the comfort of light and enter into darkness so that he can lead all the people in the darkness towards light.

No advisor is ready to come down from their position and help a poor soul. They simply give advice after advice. They will not share space or wealth to bring up the poor soul. Instead of advising people, such enlightened souls need to show empathy and truly help a person to come out of the dark situation.

Do not talk behind the person after advising the person. If you cannot help a person, it is well and fine. But acting like giving advice and then talking bad about the person behind the person is the worst thing.

Instead of giving advice, become useful to another person. When you become useful to a person, you might be saving an entire family or even a community.

When giving advice do not repeatedly criticize the person for past failures. Advise should not be about past. It should be about present and future. It should be about how to find a solution to a problem. Advice should not be to make them feel even more wretched.

If you really wish to help a person, then first consider the person. Instead of glorifying your current position and your efforts, give a helping hand.