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Adoring God As Lover Or Spouse In Hinduism

Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma - way of life) is the only religion in the world that gives freedom to the devotee to see god as lover, wife or husband. Love of god is known as bhakti and it is attained with the consciousness of God as our true being. The feeling for god, felt through contemplation, as servant, as parent, as friend, as beloved or spouse increases God consciousness in the devotee.

A devotee can consider god as husband or wife. Majority of the followers of these tradition believe that there is only one male (Purusha) in the world and he is Sri Krishna. All others, whether men or women, are his women companions (prakriti). The absolute merger of prakriti with purusha is the final goal in this tradition.

The devotion of Mirabai is a classic example of seeing God as spouse. She looked upon Sri Krishna as a husband (jake sira mora-mukuta mero pati soi). She renounced everything for him.

Another glorious example is that of Radha, who loved Sri Krishna as her lover, the only purusha. Her divine love, beyond body-consciousness, is depicted in Srimad Bhagavata, which is regarded as the text of bhakti.

In modern times, Sri Ramakrishna demonstrated through his own life this spiritual mood in its highest form.

There are so many unknown men and women who have chosen this path of devotion. We often read in newspapers about some men suddenly dressing up like women and singing songs of Sri Krishna. Ignorance of modern people often categorizes them as mentally disturbed.