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Twelve Important Names Of Lord Vishnu - Benefits Of Chanting - When And How

Twelve Important Names of Lord Vishnu, which should be remembered and chanted daily, are:
  1. Keshava
  2. Narayana
  3. Madhava
  4. Govinda
  5. Vishnu
  6. Madhusudana
  7. Trivikrama
  8. Vamana
  9. Sridhara
  10. Hrishikesha
  11. Padmanabha and
  12. Damodara.

When to Chant the names of Vishnu?

  • Daily morning after taking bath.
  • It is meritorious to chant the names 108 times on Thursday.
  • Chant the names on the 11th day of the fortnight (Ekadasi) as many times as you can.
  • Special merits are earned if the names are chanted in Vaishakh month (April - May) and during Purushottam Maas (the extra month in a Hindu calendar)

Benefits of Chanting the 12 names of Vishnu

  • Sin redemption - all the sins committed in this birth and previous births will be washed away.
  • Desire fulfillment.
  • To perform well in exams and interviews.
  • Students should wake up early in the morning and chant the 12 names a time and then start studying. You will easily understand the lessons.
  • To overcome bad luck.
  • The chanting helps in achieving financial freedom.

How To Chant 12 Names of Vishnu?

  • The names should be chanted after taking bath. A person should have pure thoughts while chanting the names of Srihari.
  • The names should be chanted in the morning.
  • The person chanting the mantra should wear yellow color dress.
  • Wear sandalwood (chandan) on forehead.
  • If you wish to light a lamp then it should be of cow ghee. (optional)
  • Yellow color fruits should be offered. (optional)
  • Offer yellow color flowers ( (optional)
  • Offer dhoop or agarbatti of pure sandalwood. (optional)
  • Feed a cow. (optional)