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Unmatta Bhairava Temple Near Amarnath Cave – Miracle Bhairava Shrine

Unmatta Bhairava is one of the Ashta Bhairavas and there is miraculous and powerful Unmatta Bhairava temple near the Amarnath Cave. In the south of Amarnath cave, at a distance of about half-a-kilometer, there is a sacred shrine of Unmatta Bhairava. It is said that Adi Shankaracharya himself established this shrine and the murti (vigraha or idol).

Unmatta Bhairava blesses a devotee who reaches the place walking without any footwear. A besan ladoo mixed with honey and liquor is place on the protruding tongue of the Bhairav murti. As soon as the sweet is place on the tongue of Bhairava it moves back in the mouth and the offering is swallowed. Soon the tongue returns and comes out of the mouth of the image. The devotee finds a few drops of liquor on the tongue. The devotee collects them as the prasada of Unmatta Bhairava and is blessed by the deity. With the blessing of the deity, all the wishes of the devotee is fulfilled.

Behind the Unmatta Bhairava shrine are hot water springs. They have the capacity to cure a number of diseases, particularly skin diseases.

This Bhairava is known as remover of diseases and giver of progeny to his devotees. It is said that when a devotee, closing his eyes, sits before the Bhairava image, with certain wish or desire in his mind the reply instantly flashes before his mind’s eye.

SourceMythology of Shiva and Shakti by M. L. Varadpande page 327 published by Abhinav Publications.