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Yogi Ashwini Quotes And Teachings

A small collection of quotes and teachings of Yogi Ashwini...

Just close your eyes and observe what is going on inside the brain…give it two minutes. You will find so many thoughts – of children, spouse, business, and your emotions. All these thoughts indicate the desire of soul and it is because of these thoughts or desires that we are unable to go beyond human existence; peace and happiness prove elusive.

When the mind is engaged in thoughts of the physical, it cannot think beyond because at one point of time, mind can only do one thing and think of one thing.

Our bodies are programmed to achieve anything, provided it is only one thing at a time.

Words like ekagrata, ek tattva nirantar abhyas, bhumadhya all indicate the path to success as one-pointed focus.

The problem starts when our desires divide. Multiplicity of desires leads to ambiguity; lack of understanding of what one wants makes it difficult to be successful.
Yogi Ashwini