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Hanuman and Butter – Story - Why Butter Is Offered to Hanuman?

Butter is an important offering to Hanuman. In some temples, the murti (idol) of Hanuman is completely covered in butter from top to bottom. So why is butter offered to Hanuman?

Hanuman carried Sri Ram on his shoulders during the Ram Ravana war in the Ramayana. When Ravana was not able to defeat or injure Sri Ram, he directed his arrows and other weapons against Hanuman.

Hanuman was injured because of the attack by Ravan.

When the war was over for the day, Bhagavan Sri Ram used to nurse his beloved Bhakta Hanuman.

Bhagavan used to apply butter on the body of Hanuman to cool and heal the wounds caused by weapons hurled by Ravana.

This is the reason why we see murtis of Hanuman covered in butter.

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