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Life Is Happy Or Miserable - It Depends On Our Attitude

Life is happy or miserable it depends on our attitude. To an optimist there is opportunity even in the toughest of the toughest situations. To a pessimist there is a problem even in the happiest of the happiest situation.

Life is hard during financial problems, ill health and death. If we are prepared to live a simple and healthy life then we can keep out financial problems and ill health to an extent. Death of friends and family members cannot be avoided. For this, we need to have a proper spiritual understanding of life.

When we have bad things in life instead of brooding and comparing our life with that of others we need to see positive things.

Stop comparing our life with that of others. When we are down financially or with ill health instead of making matters worse with a negative spin, evaluate the situation in a positive way and search for methods to get out of it.

We need to understand that life is not always about excitement, achievement and enjoyment. There will be falls, losses, failures and disillusionment in life.

In life, we need to be honest with ourselves and know our capability. Chasing all kinds of desires will only complicate and mess up life. Stop having high expectations. Dreams dished out daily by the entertainment media should not be our guide. We should follow our heart. Do those that we enjoy most. Never do a work to get applauded. Do the work because you enjoy doing the work irrespective of the end result.

We make our life hard when we want others to applaud, appreciate and love us. We live to earn the appreciation of others. We live to satisfy others. We are always bothered what others will think.

Learn to be happy with what we have. Always keep a portion of our earning for bad times. Never expect people or an organization to save us during a crisis.

Life threatening diseases are a part of life. The body of ours is one among the numerous bodies that we go through. The soul within each one of us cannot be destroyed. It has no death. It is present in all life forms.

The day we are ready to accept that we are a wave in the ocean neither significant or insignificant life becomes easy. We all are waves that rise and fall in the great ocean.

Stopping believing that we are something different from the ocean. Drop our ego, which is making us believe that the wave has a separate existence.

We might have gone far away from nature but we are part of nature. There is a process of growing, flowering, fruiting, decaying and dying. We cannot escape this natural process. Some leaves fall early, some a bit later but eventually all leaves have to fall.

Instead of seeing life in bits and pieces, always see a complete picture of life.


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