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Life Story Of Purandaradasa – His Journey From Miser To Saint Poet

Purandaradasa (1484 AD – 1565 AD) was a Vaishnava poet, saint, social reformer and a renowned composer of Carnatic music. His life story is the journey of a miserly wealthy merchant to renowned saint poet. As per history, Purandaradasa was in the beginning a wealthy and miserly merchant. His was known then as Srinivasa Nayak.

Srinivasa Nayak had attained the title of Navakoti Narayana as his wealth was worth 90 million (9 crores).

One day, a poor Brahmin approached Srinivasa Nayak and requested him financial help to conduct the sacred thread ceremony of his son. Srinivasa Nayak refused to help the poor man, despite his several pleas.

In despair, the poor man approached Saraswati, wife of Srinivas Nayak. She was a pious and devout wife. She helped the poor man by giving him her nose stud.

The poor man took the nose stud to the ornament shop of Srinivasa Nayak to sell it to raise the money required for thread ceremony.

Srinivasa Nayak recognized the nose stud and he took it from the poor man and locked it safely.

He returned home and asked his wife for the nose stud.

Not knowing how to explain, she told it was in the jewel box and with prayers looked into the jewel box. To the surprise of his wife, the nose stud was there in the jewel box.

Seeing it, Srinivasa rushed back to his shop only to find the ornament missing from his safe.

This miracle transformed Srinivasa Nayak completely and he became a devotee of Vishnu.

Srinivasa gave away all his wealth, became a student of  Vyasatirtha and eventually became the wandering poet saint known as Purandaradasa, travelling far and wide singing the praises of Vishnu and his avatars.