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In Hinduism God Is All Pervasive – Then Why Is God Worshipped In Numerous Forms – Murtis or Idols

The concept of God in Hinduism is different from other religions as God is all pervasive and only that exists. Then a question arises why God is worshipped in numerous forms especially in Murti or idol forms. The answer to this question is found in the Vaikhanasa Agama an important Hindu holy scripture.

Vaikhanasa Agama states that God is beyond measure and cannot be worshipped in God's infinity even by the celestial beings or devas. Even the most powerful sages find it difficult to fathom the infinite form of Supreme Truth. Hence the need for forms – murtis or idols. The infinite takes a finite form as per the desire of devotee. 

Bhagavan does not need any form or name but devotees need form. Forms are mere symbols. Form is only a step towards self realization. 

God in Hinduism referred as Brahman or Parabrahman or Supreme Truth cannot be defined. It is beyond imagination. God and devotee all are part of that Supreme Truth.

But this concept is not digestible for majority of human beings. They need a form to talk to convey their sadness, ask for help, share their joy…

So the infinite appears as Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Durga, Ganesha…in any form that the devotee wants.