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Story Of Akasha Ganga In Tirumala – Venkateswara Giving Darshan To Tirumala Nambi

The abhishekam of the main deity in the Tirupati Balaji Temple is performed using the water from the Akasha Ganga in Tirumala. There is story which explains the origin of Akasha Ganga and it also explains the importance of unwavering devotion as Tirumala Nambi had darshan of Lord Venkateshwara.

Srisaila Purna, the main priest of Tirupati Temple, used to get sacred water to perform daily Abhishekam of Lord Venkateswara Swamy with utmost devotion from Papanasana Theertham as per the Instructions of Yamunacharya. The Papanasana Theertham was quite far away and Srisaila Purna found it difficult to carry the holy water. 

One day when Srisaila Purna was returning with water for Abhishekam, a thirsty tribal person belonging to Boya (hunter) clan met him.

The thirsty hunter requested for water but Srisaila Purna was not ready to give water meant for Abhishekam of Balaji.

The hunter kept on requesting for water and Srisaila Purna kept denying as he had no energy to go back and carry water again.

Soon Srisaila Purna lost his patience and started walking away. Then the hunter who followed Srisaila Purna made a hole with an arrow on the pot containing the abhishekam water.

The hunter quenched his thirst with the water coming from the hole in the clay pot.
Soon the pot was empty and Srisaila Purna scolded the hunter for wasting the water for abhishekam.

The abhishekam time was soon approaching and there was no time for him to go back and fetch water.

The hunter then told Srisaila Purna about a nearby place from where he can get water.

Srisaila Purna was happy to hear about a nearby theertham and asked the hunter to take him there.

When they reached the spot there was not a single drop of water. But soon the hunter made a hole in the arrow in the hill and water began to gush out from the hole.

The hunter told Srisaila Purna that this is Akasha Ganga and he can take water from it for Abhishekam.

Srisaila Purna now had doubts about the hunter and soon realized that the hunter was Lord Venkateswara himself.

Soon the hunter gave darshan to Srisaila Purna. There was a new water pot in place of the pot with a hole.

Srisaila Purna did not have words to explain the miracle. He bowed before Lord Venkateswara with tears trickling down.

Srisaila Purana realized that Lord Balaji showed the Akasha Ganga to him to help him cut down his long arduous journey to collect abhishekam water.

Finally, Srisaila Purana was able to utter few words and he only asked for Moksha. Lord Venkateswara disappeared granting Srisaila Purna his wish.

From that day onwards Abhishekam of Lord Venkateshwara was performed with water from the Akasha Ganga.

Later on, Sri Saila Purna became popular as Tirumala Nambi. He was the maternal uncle of Sri Ramanujacharya and his Guru too. It is a a custom to perform the ‘Adhyayan Utsavams’ in the memory of him in Tirumala.  In memory of this divine event, ‘Thanneramruda Utsavam’ is performed as part of the Adhyayana Utsavam.