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Start Practicing Non Attachment From A Young Age

For the mind to become stable, we need to practice non-attachment. Shedding of ignorance and embracing the whole (liberation) can happen only if we have a stable and unwavering mind. We can achieve non attachment only if have a disposition toward being alone. To be alone we need to drop the fear. Now fear can only be dropped if realize that there is no other here.

One needs to practice non attachment without any kind of fear. It has to happen naturally. Most of us have this sudden like for non attachment when we face an emotional or physical crisis in life. This is a kind of fake non attachment. It is only a kind of reaction to the present situation. It is a product of ignorance and it has nothing to do with spirituality.

Non Attachment has to be practiced when we are in our natural situation. How many of us are ready to work without thinking about the result like salary increase, fame or promotion? How many of us are ready to love without any expectation? Non Attachment is working without thinking about results and loving without any expectation. Instead of the sudden dropping of present life and running away to a cave or forest, we need to learn to practice while living in the society.

Some of us get motivation for non attachment when we attend Satsang, read a motivating article or book, or after viewing or listening to some person who has achieved success with non attachment by moving to a remote place on earth. This motivation has a very short life. The book, article or documentary does not completely reveal the intense emotional struggle the person might have gone through before the person achieved non attachment. Do not follow another person, instead cut your own path. When you create a path, you will not abandon it. But when you are following someone else’s path you will abandon it easily because you had not done the hard work.

Non Attachment is not something that is to be practiced after retirement or after a major crisis has hit life. One needs to practice non attachment from a young age. This will help us in facing many crises in life. Worldly success is easy for a person who is practicing non attachment because the person cannot be put under pressure. The person’s focus is only on the work. The person is not bothered about results. When we are completely immersed in something, then we are practicing non-attachment. There is no fear when we are completely focused. At that moment, we are one with the Supreme Truth. Start practicing non attachment from a young age as this will indirectly help in achieving worldly success. And the sweet part is that we will not be attached to worldly success. So there is no fear of failure or falling down from the pedestal. Fear of falling down after achieving success is for those who are attached to name and fame.

The world we live today is full of Adharma. It is easy to fall into a pit after pit and finally into a pit from where there is no return.

Start practicing non attachment from a young age so that you will know what is not be followed and what is to be practiced for a happy and peaceful life.

Abhilash Rajendran