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Importance Of Self Surrender In Hinduism

Sri Ramakrishna has talked on many occasions about the importance of self surrender. It is an important aspect of Hinduism.

Two things are necessary for the realization of God; faith and self-surrender. God certainly provides everything for the man who totally surrenders himself to Him.

Surrender yourself completely to God, and set aside all such things as fear and shame. He who has surrendered his body, mind, and innermost self to God is surely a holy man.
God incarnates Himself as man and teaches people the path of devotion. He exhorts people to cultivate self-surrender to God. Following the path of devotion, one realizes everything through His grace.

Who can ever know God? I don’t even try. I only call on Him as Mother. Let Mother do whatever She likes. I shall know Her if it is Her will; but I shall be happy to remain ignorant if She wills otherwise. My nature is that of a kitten. It only cries, ‘Mew, mew!’ The rest it leaves to its mother. The mother cat puts the kitten sometimes in the kitchen and sometimes on the master’s bed. The young child wants only his mother. He doesn’t know how wealthy his mother is, and he doesn’t even want to know. He knows only, ‘I have a mother; why should I worry?’ Even the child of the maidservant knows that he has a mother. If he quarrels with the son of the master, he says: ‘I shall tell my mother. I have a mother.’ My attitude, too, is that of a child.

‘O Mother! O Embodiment of Om! Mother, how many things people say about Thee! But I don’t understand any of them. I don’t know anything, Mother. I have taken refuge at Thy feet. I have sought protection in Thee. O Mother, I pray only that I may have pure love for Thy Lotus Feet, love that seeks no return. And Mother, do not delude me with Thy world bewitching maya. I seek Thy protection. I have taken refuge in Thee.’

You no doubt need money for your worldly life; but don’t worry too much about it. The wise course is to accept what comes of its own accord. Don’t take too much trouble to save money. Those who surrender their hearts and souls to God, those who are devoted to Him and have taken refuge in Him, do not worry much about money. As they earn, so they spend.

The money comes in one way and goes out the other. This is what the Gita describes as ‘accepting what comes of its own accord’. Whether a man should be a householder or a monk depends on the will of Rama. Surrender everything to God and do your duties in the world. What else can you do?