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Sage Patanjali Avatar Of Adishesha

As per Hindu scriptures Sage Patanjali was an avatar of thousand-headed Adishesha, the king of serpents and on whose majestic coils Lord Vishnu rests in the milky ocean. On one occasion Vishnu witnessed the cosmic dance of Shiva while reclining on Adi Sesha. Vishnu was so enraptured by the dance movements of Shiva that his own body moved in rhythm. This cause huge vibrations and Adishesha was not able to control the weight of vibrations. Garuda came to his rescue. Soon Vishnu woke up from the yogic trance and there was an expression of joy in his face.

When Adishesha heard from Vishnu about the great cosmic dance, he too wished to witness it. Vishnu told Adishesha that in near future Shiva will perform this dance on earth. He requested Adishesha to take birth in human form to witness the dance and record it for the future generations.

Adishesha then scanned the earth to find a suitable find of his birth on earth. He came across the woman destined to be his mother on the banks of Mahaweli River. She was a great yogini named Gonika. She was performing intense penance on the banks. She was asking Shiva to grant him a son who was capable of passing her wisdom to the coming generations. Through intense contemplation and yogic practice Gonika had acquired unparalleled wisdom.

While performing the prayers, Gonika scooped up water from the river, closed her eyes and uplifted her water-filled palms offering obeisance to Surya, the sun god.

At the precise moment, Adishesha dropped into her palms in the form a snake and then jumped to the ground and took the form of a human baby.

Gonika opened her eyes when she heard the cry of a human baby. She was happy and astonished to find a self-manifested baby. She took up the child and called him Patanjali – Pat (who fell) Anjali (who fell into palms that were folded in prayer.