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Story Of The Name Indrajit In Ramayana - How Indrajit Got The Name?

Indrajit, the son of Ravana, was a great warrior. Legend has it that he defeated Indra, the king of the Devas (Demigods). Indrajit means one who was victorious over Indra. Indrajit is also known by the names of Meghnad, Kanina, Ravani and Mayavi.

Legend has it that once when Ravana attacked Swargaloka – the domain of devas – he pushed too much into the interiors without realizing that his demon army had fallen back. Ravana was surrounded by Devas and he was about to be captured.

Indrajit who saw his father in trouble immediately unleashed powerful arrows and broke into the army of Devas. He vanquished the Devas and saved Ravana. In the process he also captured Indra and brought him to Lanka. Indra was later released but the incident got the son of Ravana the name Indrajit.

It is said that Brahma gave Indrajit the name - Having lost their king, the other Devas then went to Brahma, who pleaded with Ravana for Indra's release, but the demon-king explained that his son, and not he, was responsible. When Brahma heard this he burst out, 'Then that son of yours should be known as Conqueror of Indra (Indrajit).'"