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Never Keep These Things Near Bed At Night

If you believe in Hindu astrology, then you should be careful about things that you place in your bedroom and near the bed. As per Kal Purusha Siddhanth bedroom is counted among the 12th aspect while deciding on luck etc. This 12th aspect is associated with loss, wealth, journey, sleep, and illicit relationship. Below are the things that you should not keep near your bed while sleeping as it brings bad luck and problems in relationships.

  1. Water should not be kept near the head while sleeping as it affects the moon. This can lead to depression, bad moods, and mental disorders.
  2. You should not keep the money purse near the head while sleeping as it will lead to unexpected expenditure. 
  3. You should not keep ornaments made of gold or silver near the head while sleeping as it will bring bad luck. 
  4. Items of made of metal like nail cutter, knife, blade etc should not be kept near the bed as it will affect your potency. Such people will find it difficult to have children.
  5. Those who keep sandals or shoes near the bed will have bad dreams.
  6. One should not keep keys made of any other metal other than iron near the bed.
  7. The place you sleep should be neat and tidy. The place you sleep as per astrology is associated with the journey to distant lands, health, wealth from foreign lands and relationships.
Please note that this not the personal opinion of the writer but it is based on astrology. Some these are regional beliefs too.

But today we have the habit of keeping mobile near the bed and sleeping. This should be avoided. It is not good for our health. A peaceful sleep at night is very much necessary for us to function properly during the daytime. This is a personal opinion.