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Human Body Is A City Of Many Doors As Per Hinduism

In the Vedas, the human body is described as a city of many doors. We only live in this city with many doors for a short period. The human body is the temple of God and the soul resides in it only temporarily. As the span of life is so short, we need to gain maximum benefit from these few years God has allotted us.

Nine Doors in the Human Body

There are nine doors in the body. These doors are the two eyes, two nostrils, two ears and the mouth. Seven out of the nine doors are present in the face, the other two doors are the genital organs and the anus.

Five Organs of Perception and Five Organs of Action

The five organs of perception are: they eyes to see, the ears to hear, the nose to smell, the tongue to taste and the skin to feel and touch.

The five organs of action are: a mouth to speak, hands to work, feet to walk, the genital organs to procreate and the anus to excrete waste matter.

The elements in the body vibrate in two different ways and have two specific functions. Space is active in the ears in order to hear and in the throat to produce sound. Air is active in the skin to enable us to feel when we touch and in the hands to increase our sensitivity for our work skills. Fire is active in the eyes to allow us to see and in the feet to walk. Water is active in the mouth to enhance the taste buds and in the genitals. Earth is active in the nose to empower us to smell and in the anus.

When the organs of perception and action come in contact with external objects, we perceive the opposites of heat and cold, unhappiness and happiness, pleasure and pain. Since the human body is prone to disease and deterioration, it is imperative that we take good care of the gross body.

Source - Book titled - The Universe Within By Paramahamsa Prajnanananda (page 16 - 17)