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Tantric Goddess Padmavati – Associated With Bhairava Shiva

Tantric goddess Padmavati is associated with Bhairava Shiva. She is mentioned in the Durga Saptashati as sitting on the lap of Sarvadnya Ishwar Bhairava. In some instances she is depicted as sitting on the coils of a serpent.

Goddess Padmavati in tantra wears the necklace of gems studded on the hoods of serpents. Her body is seen shining in the light of the gems. She is bright as the sun itself.

Like Shiva, she has three eyes. In her four hands she is holding string of beads, pot of ambrosia, human skull and lotus. Her head is adorned with the crown of half-moon.

Benefits of worshipping Goddess Padmavati include materialistic prosperity, solution to financial problems and luck in lottery. She is worshipped for solving property related disputes. Business people will see income increase and progress after worshipping her.

She is to be offered red color flowers and red color sweets.

This goddess should not be confused with goddess Padmavati who is the consort of Lord Venkateshwara or Balaji.