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Kala Bhairava Worship In Rajasthan

There is a strong presence of Bhairava cult in Rajasthan. Practically in every village of Rajasthan, under the Shami tree, an image or symbol of Bhairava is found. At the time of Durga Puja Bhairava along with his dog is worshiped first.

When a son is born, supposedly by the grace of Bhairava, he is named after him as Bhairon Singh, Bhauridan, Bhairubaksha etc.

Bhairava of Malasi is quite prominent. It is believed that his influence works on new born babies. Generally virgins are desisted from visiting Bhairava temple. If a virgin, before her marriage, takes the prasada of Bhairava she must then visit Bhairava temple after her marriage to offer him worship.

Bhairava, in Rajasthan, is also considered as deity of cremation ground. The members of Bhopa community, before moving out for seeking alms, visit cremation ground and offer worship to him.

Jains and Muslims also worship Bhairava. Instead of mean and liquor Jains offer him fruits. Muslims worship him as Yati Bhairava.