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Stress Is Unavoidable For Many But We Can Surely Reduce Stress

If you want to overcome stress, do this…do that… we will get a whole lot of advice… But really do you think stress-free life is possible in the current situation. In the complex web of life, that we are part of, stress and tension are our constant companion. We cannot escape it but we can reduce it. The majority of the stresses in our life are unnecessary.

First and foremost we need to do a thorough check of our life – an honest postmortem of our daily life. This will help us in identifying the things that are making our life stressful. Make a list of things that cause stress in our life. Now find those that can be easily removed. Make an honest attempt to remove all those stresses from life.

There will be some stresses, which we can overcome by making slight changes in our lifestyle and thinking. Make the necessary changes.

There are some relationships that give us unwanted stress – eliminate such relationships.

Be honest in your life – with your work, with your relationships and with yourself. This will eliminate a lot of stress. The majority of tension in life happens when we are doing a work that we have no interest. Your career should be of your liking, the majority of us work just for working and making some money. This is the top reason for stress. So choose a career in which we have a genuine interest.

If you are in a relationship be committed. Do not have relationships that will cause trouble to your real relationships. Extramarital relations always end up causing problems. Even in a relationship, you should know where to draw the line. Do not be slavish and do not surrender your individuality. Relationships should be based on equal respect. Do not have too much expectation from a relationship.

There are only 24 hours in a day but we make commitments that need 48 hours. Eliminate all those unwanted commitments. Stick to the few that are necessary and this helps in leading a honest, truthful, happy, simple and progressive life.

Stop delaying or deferring things. This only piles up things. And a mountain of work to be done only creates stress and failure.

Be organized. Have a routine in life that is simple and supports all aspects of your life.

Avoid the last minute rush. In simple terms, if we are to reach a place at 9:00 AM try to make sure we are there by 8:30 AM. Do a good planning earlier to make sure that we are never late.

Focus on one thing at a time. Avoid multitasking. This will improve our efficiency.

Stop worrying about others. We develop this habit of worrying for others. Instead of worrying about them, help them in the way we can and then forget it. Each individual is blessed with good intelligence but if someone is not making use of it, we can do nothing.

Adopt a pet, or develop hobbies like having an aquarium or gardening. Grow a single plant or a tree.

Slow down, minimize and simplify our life. Be grateful for what we are. Show gratitude. Develop patience, drop anger and ego.

It is true that we can never escape from stress completely but we can surely reduce it.

Abhilash Rajendran