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Story of Shukracharya And Kritya - The End Of Guru Of Asuras

To please Lord Shiva and learn the science of immortality, Shukracharya performed intense austerities. Shiva told Shukracharya that all that is born will perish one day. Guru Shukra was the Guru of demons or Asuras.

The Maharishi then demanded Shiva to teach him the Sanjivani Vidya, which can cure any diseases, wounds, and thus bring back a dead person to life.

Shiva, who is the lord of herbs and medicine, taught Shukracharya the Sanjivani Vidya.

Shukracharya then used the science to revive dead demons who were killed in battle with the demigods. Thus, Devas, or demigods, lost all battles against the demons. There was chaos in the universe. Adharma was propagated by the demons.

Lord Brahma then complained to Shiva about the cosmic imbalance.

Shiva promised to find a solution.

In the next battle between the Devas and Asuras, a strange looking creature appeared on the battlefield. It was the demoness Kritya. She sucked Shukracharya into her body.

Shukracharya remained in the stomach of Kritya in an unborn state and he was unable to revive the dead Asuras.