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Popular Disease Gods And Goddesses In Hinduism

Hinduism firmly believes that all that is present in the universe emanates from a Single Source. So when human beings are helpless against diseases which they themselves have unleashed by harming Mother Nature, they turn to the Single Supreme source for help. The name gods and goddess depending on the nature of the crisis or disease they are facing.

Sheetala Devi – She is the goddess of smallpox, chicken pox, mumps and other similar communicable diseases. She is the cool one. A winnowing fan is her crown. She rides a donkey. She holds a short broom and pot of cold water.

Ashwins or Ashwini Kumars – Gods of Medicine in Sanatana Dharma from time immemorial.

Vaidyanath – Shiva the greatest physician and healer.

Jwarasura – He appeared from an angry Shiva who heard about the death of Goddess Sati in Daksha Yagna. He is the god of fever.

Olaichandi – She is the goddess worshipped in Bengal during cholera outbreak.

Jari Mari – She is associated with fever and is worshipped in regions around Mumbai.

Ghantakarna or Ghetu – He is worshipped for finding cure to skin diseases.

Govaraai – Goddess of smallpox in Maharashtra.

Khoklaai – Goddess of coughing in Maharashtra.

Satvaai – Goddess of epidemics in Maharashtra.

Yedaai – Goddess of mental illnesses in Maharashtra.

Yellamma and Renuka Mata are offered to overcome diseases in many places in Karnataka, Telangana and Maharashtra.

Vemalamma – She is the deity that cures common diseases like fever, cough, cold, infection, chicken pox, small pox etc. She is worshipped widely in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Amman (Various Forms of Mother Goddess) – She is worshipped for curing all kinds of communicable diseases like chickenpox. Neem leaves and turmeric are the main offerings. Amman worship is popular in Tamil Nadu and parts of Andhra Pradesh.

Matangi Devi – She is worshipped by some communities for good mental health.

Goddess Kondalamma – Worshipped in Andhra Pradesh to overcome difficulties caused by cyclone.

Goddess Ankamma, Goddess Ankalamma, or Angalamma, Ammanga Devi, Angamma, Ankali, Angali, Mahankalamma, and Angala Parameswari are all goddess worshipped in South India to overcome diseases.

Special prayers are offered to Bhagavati and Shiva in Kerala temples to overcome diseases.

Whenever there is an incurable disease in the world, it is common to create a goddess in the name of the deity by devotees.