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True We Are Made To Feel Inadequate In Some Way Or The Other But Suicide - Depression Is Not The Solution

We allow ourselves to be made to feel inadequate in some way or the other and end up committing suicide or suffer depression. But both of these methods are not the solution to the problem. It is true from childhood, we are made to feel imperfect. Our body, our dress, the things we own, our language, everything…is not up to the mark. The only thing we are not bothered about is our mind and thoughts because no one cares about them.

We are knowingly or unknowingly taught to impress. Soon all our energy and thoughts are focused on impressing and we forget what we really like or need. We no longer know what we are comfortable in life with.

Daily we compare our life with that of others and think we are inadequate. Television, social media and internet make us believe that we are imperfect.

Actually, we do not really know what is perfect. What the crowd approves is perfect today. A fake but intelligent advertising campaign can make anything perfect and we are ever ready to buy it or follow it.

There is nothing permanent in the world of perfection. What is perfect today is imperfect tomorrow. You work hard to get a particular kind of figure or hairstyle and soon it is not fashionable. You get a mobile today morning and by evening it is no longer considered the latest gadget – you cannot proudly display it in public.

Marketing gurus and media want you to be permanently imperfect only then will you buy more and more products.

An outward looking mind can never know the beauty of life. An outward looking mind is filled with desires. When these desires are not fulfilled, we are filled with anger and frustration. We break things, we get into arguments, we destroy relationships, and we destroy our health and finally end up with depression or commit suicide.

Stop comparing and be happy with what you are. Do and say things that make you feel comfortable and beautiful. What feels nice to you is more important. Stop this wheel of impressing and get out of it.

The life of external impressing is very very short. Impress others with your internal energy and positivity. This will leave an everlasting impression.

Reign in the outward-looking mind and focus more on an internal quest.

An outward looking mind is concerned more about impermanent and incomplete things. Everything that is external is imperfect and non-enduring.

Nature does not keep a beautiful flower for too long, it has a very short life and soon it will have to turn into manure. But the seed, the real soul behind the flower, is eternal but it might not be beautiful. It will give rise to more and more beautiful flowers. Be the seed that has the capacity to produce more flowers, fruits and seeds.

Leave the fake world of impressing others and return to nature. There you will be accepted the way you are.

There is only one thing in the world that is not inadequate, that is the Supreme Truth in you and nature. Search for it and live in the warmth of that light. The halo it can create around you will remove all imperfections and make life blissful.