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Lakshmi Meaning - What Is The Meaning Of Goddess Lakshmi?

Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of the name ‘Lakshmi.’ Yes, Goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. That is not the meaning of the term. That is her role in the Hindu pantheon of gods and goddesses.

Lakshmi is a combination of two words ‘Lakshya’ and ‘mi.’ Thus, She is the one who takes you to your aim or destination.

None can achieve their dream or destination without the blessing of Lakshmi.

Lakshmi is the wife of Lord Vishnu, the sustainer of the world. Symbolically this means that if a person is to succeed he/she needs to have the correct partner.

She has to be present in all the spheres of life. She cannot be kept out of anything. She is the Shakti.

She is the cause of virtue, wealth, auspiciousness, peace and prosperity. When she leaves, the light goes out of life.

For life to prosper and reach its goal, Lakshmi has to be present always.