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Relationship We No Longer Want – End It Amicably

There are relationships we no longer want but to just ignore that person is cowardly. We need to learn to end relationships amicably. There are numerous reasons for not wanting a relationship and you have every right to end a relationship. But if you choose not to end it with a proper goodbye, then it simply states that you have no feelings.

There is anger in relationships and sometimes it goes to the level of contempt. We do not even want to tell the person why we have decided to end the relationship. The idea is to take revenge on the other person by ignoring, causing sleepless nights and pain. But if we are constantly thinking about taking revenge then we are causing harm to ourselves. We can do it in a positive way by telling them on their face how mean and hurtful they have been. This will take the negative energy out of us.

It is over. No one wants to say the actual words because it is so brutal. When a relationship is not working, we start talking in circles and both individuals do not want to say the final brutal word. This is a pure waste of time and energy.

When we are unable to end a relationship peacefully, it will keep haunting us and we will keep repeating it. We will do it repeatedly in every relationship. It is sort of escapism. Soon we will find people not wishing to have a relationship with us.

Be honest while ending a relationship. Do not make stories and tell lies. Tell frankly what you feel and why you think the relationship will not work. It might hurt in the short run but will help us in the long run. Do not play the blame game. Do not turn it into a shouting match. Just end it peacefully with no anger and malice and move on.