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12 Shaktis In Satvata Samhita In Hindu Religion – Propitiate Them For Peace And Prosperity

The 12 Shaktis are mentioned in Satvata Samhita a scripture associated with Hindu religion. Propitiating the twelve Shaktis, helps in achieving peace and prosperity. Symbolically, the 12 Shaktis are twelve different characteristics that a person should develop while living on earth.

12 Shaktis In Satvata Samhita In Hindu Religion – Propitiate Them For Peace And Prosperity

  1. Lakshmi represents will power
  2. Pushti is prosperity
  3. Daya is compassion
  4. Nidra is sleep.
  5. Kshama is forgiveness.
  6. Kanti is beauty and luster.
  7. Saraswati is learning
  8. Dhriti is endurance
  9. Maitri is benevolence
  10. Rati is sexual life
  11. Tushti is contentment and satisfaction and
  12. Mat is intellect.
Lakshmih pushtir daya nidra kshama kanti – saraswati
Dhritir maitri, rati – tushtir matir dwadasami smrita.

Following the above said principles helps in leading blissful life on earth. When there is balance in our actions and thoughts, there is prosperity.

We need not neglect or abandon a particular aspect of life. We should lead an all-inclusive life.

Today, many of us ignore and neglect certain aspects of life by giving importance to only wealth, lust and beauty.

Willpower should be harnessed to achieve goals and gain confidence, inner strength, and harmony.

It is Bhagavan’s will that all prosper in every area of life – spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, socially and more.

Compassion helps us to transcend human weaknesses like selfishness. Those practicing compassion on a daily basis will not only make a difference in the world but also lead happier and more fulfilled lives.

Fall asleep - have healthy and peaceful sleep daily. It is when we return to our source. The I (ego) and the body (ignorance) is lost and we merge in the Supreme Truth during sleep.

Forgiveness and reconciliation is necessary in the world of relationships. God is ever ready to forgive and reconcile with his children. Forgiveness and reconciliation is necessary to break ego and merge.

Both external and internal beauty and luster should be maintained. We invest too much on external beauty forgetting the internal. A healthy body and a beautiful mind should be our aim.

Learning which encompasses all aspects of life should be our aim. Compartmentalized learning and promoting those learning that nurtures our selfish end should not be our aim.

Endurance is the power to withstand hardships and stress. Life on earth is never on a smooth road. Avatars of Bhagavan had to undergo numerous hardships on earth. After all we are mere mortals. Unwavering devotion, hard work and commonsense is required to overcome the problems in life.

Kindness, goodness and charity performed without any expectations should be our goal. Only such acts earn merits.

Sex and pleasure related activities are not sin. They are part of life. Wrongly interpreting them, suppressing and neglecting only adds to our problems in life.

Satisfaction and contentment are the two wheels of the life chariot (Swami Chinmayananda).  We should learn to experience a complete sense of contentment in our divine nature. Satisfaction should be internal. Our contentment and satisfaction should be such that unwanted desires should not arise at all in us.

Intellect should be used to progress without hurting other living beings and nature. Intellect is outward looking. It should be used for sustenance. Our internal quest should not be based on intellect and logic. It should be based on wisdom.