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We All Need Someone To Blame

When an external factor affects our peace, we must disassociate from those factors. But we do not do it because secretly we enjoy them. We want to be part of it, even after clearly know that it is doing no good to our life. For few minutes of pleasure or fame, we tolerate this external factor. When we are not ready to disassociate, we lose the right to complain. We want the crown to be on the head and then we also want to complain about its weight. Develop courage, fortitude and determination to throw out all those people, relations, thoughts, ideas and beliefs doing only harm to us. Be wedded to stimulating and inspiring things that takes us more towards peace and prosperity.

Happiness and misery are our creations. Do not blame God for our bad decisions and thoughts. We all need someone to blame. And the best suited one for the job is God. We start business, job or relationship after doing prayers and puja etc. The decision is ours but we believe God is implementing it for us and should not do anything wrong. When something goes wrong, we blame it on God or bad luck. Good or bad we should have the courage to accept the result of our decisions and thoughts. Whatever be the result, we should take lessons from it, work on it and progress.

Traveling with the divine 24X7 is the best way to live in this world. We humans have made hell on earth. The only way to survive in this manmade hell is by chanting the name of God. There is no better mantra than ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ or ‘Om Namo Vasudevaya’ or any mantra that you know. Keep constantly chanting them – when traveling, when sitting alone, whenever possible. It purifies. It helps in navigating through the manmade problems.

Bad karma is not realizing our true self. This results in constant suffering. Right enquiry into what causes suffering rarely happens. Mostly what happens is putting blame for suffering on an external factor mainly God or a person. We are never wrong. But the truth is that we suffer due to our ignorance.

We have been taught to believe that what we see and hear is permanent. When it is not. The real remain hidden due to the lack of knowledge. When the light of knowledge falls, we begin to see through things. We realize that all that we have been taught and thought to be permanent is impermanent. Everything is changing. Permanence is an illusion. Then what is real. In simple terms, God alone is real. And that which is real is within us. We run after the world thinking happiness is in it. No happiness is not in worldly things but it is in realizing the God within all.