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Sri Sundara Raja Swamy Temple At Tirupati – Sri Varadaraja Swami temple At Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple Complex At Tiruchanur

The temple of Lord Sri Sundara Raja Swami is a sub-shrine in the Sri Padmavathi Ammavari temple complex at Tiruchanur in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. Goddess Padmavati is the Consort of Sri Venkateswara of Alamelumangapuram, Tiruchanur. This temple of Sri Sundararaja Swami is also known as Sri Varadaraja Swami temple and the Lord gives darshan to devotees along with his two consorts Sri Devi and Bhu Devi.

As Sri Sundara Raja, Lord Vishnu is the handsome beautiful ruler in the universe. The temple was built during 16th Century AD as the stone inscriptions of 1541 AD and 1547 AD make mention of the Rathotsava (Car Festival) of Sri Varadaraja Swami and brahmotsavams. 

The Main Murti Of Sri Sundara Raja Swamy Worshipped

In the Sanctum Sanctorum of the temple the main murti of Sundararaja Swami or Varadaraja Swami appears as Sthanaka Murti or as an idol in standing posture with four hands. In the upper two hands he holds Sudarshana Chakra and Panchajanya and the lower right hand is in Varada (bestowing) mudra while the lower left hand is slipped down free with nothing held in it. On His right side stands Sri Devi and Bhu Devi stands on His left side.

The temple of Sundararaja Swami has four partitions – Maha Mantapa, Mukha Mandapa, Antarala and Garbhalaya (the sanctum sanctorum). In the outer side of Maha Mantapa there is the Hall of Garuda where the murti of Garuda with wide spread wings is facing the deity Sundararaja Swami.

All pujas, rituals and daily worship in the temple are according to Pancharatra tradition. Thrice a day there is archana with offerings (naivedyam) to the deity. All the food offerings to the Lord are brought from the pakasala (Cooking Chamber) of Sri Padmavathi Ammavari.

Sundararaja Swami is believed to have self emerged on Uttarabhadra nakshatra in Jyeshta month. Hence every month on the day of Uttarabhadra there is special abhisheka, archana and naivedyam. This event is attended by numerous devotees. 

 Sri Sundara Raja Swami Annual Festival (May - June) 

The annual Avatara Utsavam of Sri Sundararaja Swami is observed in Jyeshta month for three days starting from Shatabhisha nakshatra and ending on the day with Uttarabhadra Nakshatra.

On the first day the main pujas and rituals include Sahasra Namarchana, Kalyanotsavam to the Utsava Murti of Goddess Padmavati, Abhisheka to Sundararaja Swami and finally in the evening Unjal Seva. This rituals are repeated on all three days.

On the first day night, Sri Sundararaja Swami, Sri Devi and Bhu Devi perform celestial ride on the Pedda Sesha Vahanam through four mada streets.

On the second day night, Sri Sundararaja Swami performs celestial ride alone without his spouses on the Hanumad Vahana through four mada streets.

On the third day apart from the first day rituals, a Thirumanjanam or is performed to utsava idols of Sri Sundararaja Swami and his consorts Bhudevi and Sridevi with milk, curd, sandal paste, and variety of flowers and fruits. 

On the third day night, Sri Sundararaja Swami performs celestial ride alone without his spouses on the Garuda Vahana through four mada streets.