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Divine Can Be Realized Without Scriptures

The divine can be realized without knowing any scripture or language. You do not need to be scholar to realize the divine. You do not need to know Sanskrit to achieve self-realization.

Memorizing scriptures is not self-realization. It is just memory nothing else. With it, you can fool yourself and mesmerize people a couple of times. Then it becomes stale.

Knowledge of Sanskrit or knowledge of scriptures has nothing to do with understanding Brahman – the Supreme Truth. Knowing the truth is an experience.

When you know God through bookish knowledge, it is borrowed knowledge. Borrowed idea is not actual experience. It is far removed from truth.

When a tradition or religion is stuck in mere words of a book, it will soon start to emit foul smell. This foul smell comes out in the form of intolerance and hatred for all other forms of beliefs.

Anything that is stuck for a longtime gathers dust and dirt. True tradition is always flowing. It is like a virgin river, untouched by man, moving towards the might ocean.

Only a simple mind free from dogma, tradition, history and past can understand the universal truth.

You can attain truth only if you can become again like the newborn child.

Self-realization happens in emptiness and it is lost when you attempt to capture it in words. Words are like prison, we suffocate truth in it. You communicate with the Supreme Truth in silence and but when you try to find it through reading, writing and oratory it is lost. Brahman realization cannot be explained in any language. All languages were created by humans and therefore it is untruth.

Universal truth was not created by man. Therefore languages cannot capture it. Truth was there before man and it will be there even if he is not around. He only realizes it.

What all man has created to know Supreme Truth is nothing but noise. They are mere obstacles. This is the reason why only an empty mind can understand God.

To know God we need to regurgitate all the knowledge. We should become empty.

The slate of mind is filled with all kinds of rubbish. The rubbish is hiding truth. Much of the rubbish is our ego, desire, anger, frustration and false knowledge. The path to self-realization is actually clearing the slate.

True spiritual life is attaining emptiness so that we can merge in the Supreme Truth.