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Fear Of Being Overtaken By Others – Solution To This Everyday Miserable Problem

We make our life miserable by thinking about losing wealth, house, property, love, reputation, money, dear ones or being overtaken or defeated by others in future. There is no creature that is completely free from fear. Traumatic previous experiences are stored in the memory and under similar circumstances they warn one of the impending danger. There is nothing in this universe that is not fraught with fear. According to the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, ‘all fear springs forth from the idea of duality’.

What is the way out of fear, then? Detachment is the only force that drives away this fear. Detachment naturally follows from a clear understanding of the transient, impermanent world. One may fear that such practice will make it impossible to carry out worldly duties. 

That it is not so is clearly demonstrated by the life and work of Sri Krishna and also a host of kings, householders, and people from all walks of life who attained to the lofty peak of humanity through their detached spirit. Detachment is not the monopoly of monks and sages who form only a minority of the world’s populace.

Fear also creeps into our mind from a sense of ‘otherness’. The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, the Ishavasya Upanishad, and other Upanishads are unanimous in their verdict that fear arises out of a feeling of a second, and ‘where there is the sense of oneness, there can be no delusion, grief, or any such feeling’.

When one becomes free from fear, a confidence comes up on the surface of one’s personality. This confidence is not of the nature of elbowing out others or going ahead of others. It is a confidence in the power and efficiency of human nature.

Another reason for fear can be traced to an existential vacuum within oneself. This means that due to some unknown reason we get disconnected from the true source of our being. Spiritual people call this source divinity. When this void is created, one becomes frustrated in life and this frustration turns into fear.

When fear overpowers a person, the person stops listening to others’ views, however correct or cogent. One only values one’s own whimsical, emotional, and momentary views. This leads a person on the path of destruction. True understanding of divinity and the divine potential in us is the best way to overcome fear.