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Munger Chandi Sthan In Bihar – Temple Famous for Eye Cure

Chandi Sthan at Munger in Bihar is believed to be one of the 52 Shakti Peethas in India. It is believed that when the body of Goddess Sati got decimated, the left eye of her fell at Munger and the place is since then a place of worship of Chandi. The temple is famous for eye cure.

The main temple is located inside a small cave, it is said that the cave was built after inverting a big vessel or karahi.

Legend also suggests that Ma Chandi Sthan is also known as Vikrama Chandi. It is said King Vikrama, an ardent devotee of Ma Chandi, got his wish of being associated with Her fulfilled and thus the deity came to be known as Vikrama Chandi.

The most famous festival observed here is the Navratri (September / October) festival.

Puja and rituals are offered to the eye of Goddess Sati. There are also murtis of various forms of Goddess Shakti here.

Devotees who have various eye ailments find relief after visiting the Munger Chandi Sthan.