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Tackle Emotional Pain by Changing the Tactics

A lot of us struggle with emotional pain of the past in the present. It keeps creating problems in our present. The pain persists despite distracting and diverting the mind. Alcohol and similar negative methods are employed giving a brief relief but creating more headaches. The best way to tackle emotional pain is by changing tactics until you find a positive solution.

An ideal method to tackle an emotional pain is to use it for self-growth. It is like treating it as big lesson in life. We have gone through an experience and now we know how to tackle and deal with it. Write about it and share it. Soon you will find that there are people around you who have suffered even worse things. Learn from their mistakes and help them. We can mitigate emotional problems by sharing and caring.

Many times what we call an emotional problem is inconsequential. We are giving undue importance to it due to our ignorance. Instead of focusing on the universal truths that can give us eternal bliss, we focus on happiness that will disappear like a drop of dew on leaf in the early morning hours. We think the dewdrop to be eternal. All external form of happiness and joy are like the early morning drop of dew.

When we are ready to encompass the whole our little emotional problems will have no space or we will not be even able to locate them.

Again we are suffering emotionally because we are selfish. Here selfishness is in the form of expectation, to be honored, to be recognized, to be thankful for the sacrifices. Do your work with utmost honesty but in a detached manner. Then forget about the results. If someone is not reciprocating your love, then move on. Why should we wait for the other person to love us back? The person might be having other interests. Give the person the freedom and let us move on with our life. When we are in pain when another person does not reciprocate love in the same degree as we want, we are concerned chiefly only with ourselves and our likes and dislikes and our advantage.

Have devotion and love for God, read about people overcoming more tiring situation than ours, read inspirational stories and articles and above all read and understand scriptures. Hindu scriptures talk about universal truths. Take for example the Bhagavad Gita, it is not talking about suffering or miracle; it is the greatest book on psychology. It is full of solutions to psychological problems that we face today.

Instead of getting obsessed with our emotional problems, we should look around and read about people who have achieved release from it.

The only way to escape from the pain of adversities and difficulties is to remain detached in life. Detachment does not mean to ignore things. It means to do our duty with honesty and dedication not expecting anything from it.