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Shoolagiri Muneshwara Temple Near Hosur Famous For Driving Away Evil Spirit

Muneshwara Temple near Shoolagiri in Hosur is famous for driving away evil spirits. There are no huge colorful long rituals here. The priest of the temple merely keeps a coconut on the head of the person possessed with spirits and chants mantras.
The New Indian Express reports 
Hundreds of devotees who throng the Lord Muneshwara temple near Shoolagiri here have just one thing to ask of their deity: rip out the evil spirits from their bodies. 
At the entrance to the temple are 108 idols of Lord Muneshwara, who is believed to ward off evil spirits.
There is a large-sized idol of the deity with a machete in hand inside the temple premises. 
“I came to know of the temple four years ago from my brother, whose daughter was possessed by an evil spirit. She was cured and recently got married,” said Mahendiran (40), a devotee from Hoskote, Bengaluru. 
He also said that in Muneshwara temple, the priest only keeps a coconut on the devotees’ head who stands still and chants some mantras. 
If the person is possessed, he/she will start moving and the spirit would leave the body, subsequently, he claimed.