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Goddess Chamaria Devi – Kuldevi Of Chamar Community

Goddess Chamaria Devi is a highly powerful manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti and she is the kuldevi or family deity of Chamar community. She is mainly worshipped in Rajasthan and other nearby states in India and in the Caribbean Islands. She is also known as Devi Chamariya or Parmeshwari Devi.

As per Hindu tradition, Goddess Chamaria is a deity who protects her children from various kinds of diseases and problems. She is part of group of Seven Goddess. The other six goddesses are the famous Goddess Shetala, Agwani, Phoolmati, Masani, Lamkariya and Basanti.

She is worshipped by devotees for good health, peace and prosperity. She is also propitiated to overcome communicable diseases and skin diseases.

It is believed that Goddess Chamaria Devi resides in the neem tree. It must be noted here that neem is widely used by Hindus in India to fight various skin diseases and chicken poxes.

The temple of Chamaria Devi is located under the neem tree.

The main offerings to the goddess are neem leaves, sour items, lime, sweet rice  and coconut. In some regions she is offered stale food.

Some interesting facts
Apart from India, Goddess Chamaria Devi is widely worshipped by Hindus who migrated from the northern parts of India to the Caribbean Islands. 
She is offered pig meat and this particular puja is known as Hog Puja in Caribbean Islands of Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago.