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Tarakeshwar Shiva – Information About Tarakeswar Form Of Shiva

Tarakeshwar is one among the numerous names of Hindu God Shiva.  As Tarakeshwar, Shiva gives the moksha mantra to a dying or dead person. This helps the person in crossing over to the next world. There are two popular temples dedicated to Tarakeswar – one is located at the Manikarnika Ghat in Varanasi and another is located at Tarakeswar, around 58 km from Kolkata, in West Bengal.

Tarakeshwar Shiva – Information About Tarakeswar Form Of Shiva

This form of Shiva is worshiped for attaining liberation or moksha.

There is a wrong belief that moksha is to be attained after death. Moksha is to be attained while living on earth.

Shiva helps a devotee to realize the futility of worldly life. He tries to wean away his devotee from the world of attachments, anger, frustration, and lust. When self-realization adorns in a person when he understands the true nature of the world, the person attains bliss on earth.

True nature of the world is that there is only Supreme Truth. All Animate And Inanimate Rise And Finally Merge In Shiva – The Supreme Truth.

When we attain self-realization, we take rebirth. The old person in us who was a slave of desires dies and a new person is born. Shiva as Tarakeshwar performs this miracle.