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Chandra Mantra to Change Bad Luck to Good Luck

Chanting a particular mantra dedicated to Chandra, the moon god, and worshipping Shiva on Monday will help in changing bad luck to good luck. Below is the Chandra mantra for good luck; and how to perform the puja on the day.

It must be noted here that every man on earth has a period of bad luck. It is our attitude and hard work which helps in overcoming this bad phase. A person with a positive attitude and belief in supreme truth will help in overcoming any kind of tough luck.

Chandra Mantra to Overcome Bad Luck

श्रीं चन्द्राय सदाराध्याय नमः
Shreem Chandraya Sadaradhyaya Namah

How to Chant Chandra Mantra and Perform Shiva Puja on Monday?

  • On a Monday, take bath in the evening, visit a Shiva temple and offer prayers. Offer a small amount of milk. Sit in meditation for few hours.
  • Later perform puja by looking at the moon.
  • Wear white color dress.
  • Offer white flowers, water, chandan, dhoop of white flowers and a white color sweet or kheer.
  • Sit in meditation and chant the mantra श्रीं चन्द्राय सदाराध्याय नमः 108 times.
  • Share the sweet or kheer with family members and those present.