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High Heels Sandal In 13th Century Sculpture In Ramappa Temple

Ramappa Temple in Warangal district in Telangana is famous for its intricate carvings and sculptures. The Ramappa Temple completed in 1213 AD has a beautiful sculpture of a lady using High Heels Sandal.

High heels became popular in Europe only in the early 17th century. The high heels used were defective and caused severe problems to leg bones and muscles.

The raised shoe worn by the woman in Ramappa Temple should be seen as an indication to the development Hindus had attained during the 12th century AD. The sculpture is outstanding as it shows the movement of leg perfectly. Not to mention the intricate carving, this is beyond any modern day machine cutting technology.

Some Other Facts Of Ramappa Temple

  • The temple is known after its sculpture Ramappa.
  • Dancing girls in the temple carved out of black basalt stone is simply amazing.
  • It took forty years to construct the temple and was completed in 1213 AD
  • Shivling made from black basalt is worshipped in the temple.
  • Daylight is reflected by the four pillars in the temple is diverted towards and enables the inner sanctum to be illuminated the whole day.
  • A remarkable fact about this temple is that it is made of bricks that can float on water.
  • Another smart move employed during the construction of the temple was the use of sandbox technology that involved adding sand to the foundation pits so that it acts as a cushion to protect the temple in the event of earthquakes.